Love at first sight is really just lust or even false memory

One in three people say they’ve felt love at first sight, but experiments suggest the phenomenon is actually just physical attraction or distorted memories

Your eyes met across a crowded room – but was it really love at first sight? One in three people say they have experienced the phenomenon, however a study suggests it probably doesn’t exist.

“People think of love at first sight as a lightning strike as soon as they see a person,” says Florian Zsok at the University of Zurich, Switzerland.

But research into the experience has mostly focused on people who are in relationships, which is likely to distort our understanding of it. If you are in a good relationship with someone, you are more likely to remember the beginning of that relationship in an exaggeratedly positive light.

So Zsok and his colleagues conducted a series of experiments in which volunteers saw new people for the first time. Each person filled in a survey and was asked how they felt about the